HCG Weight Loss Programs

Weight Loss At WLS Wellness Center

Lose Weight in 40 Days

Most patients on the 40-day program tend to lose about 35-40 pounds; however, the weight loss does not always happen evenly over 40-day period. Some patients may notice a "lull" or a span of a few days where little to no weight loss occurs.


What is HCG?

HCG, a naturally produced hormone, administered as a part of a clinically supervised hormone replacement therapy produces amazing results. Clients claim to feel more healthy, alive and invigorated than they have in years.


Weight Loss System

Our Weight Loss Systems provide a total control program that works forever. You’ll lose weight and inches faster than ever before, safely, while enjoying real food. And you’ll learn the secrets of keeping it off. By providing real solutions, we hope to be the last weight loss program that you will ever need.


A Little About Us

Weight Loss Systems has been serving Jacksonville and the Metropolitan area since opening its’ doors in 1987. Our clients receive professional, personalized and supportive services from our trained staff. We offer a complete approach to weight loss including B6-B12 injections, protein supplements and natural herbs....